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Introducing King’s Online Bible School

Our Purpose


His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him Who called us by His Own glory and excellence. For by these He has granted us His precious and magnificent provisions, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature (1 Peter 1:3-4).


We seek to provide pathways for learning that help God’s people grow in knowing Him and the essential truths and realities He has revealed for us to live His life.


The “knowing” that God’s Spirit builds in our experience is anchored in biblical truth and involves  ongoing trusting and surrendering to Christ.



Our Intentions


To establish Christians in a lifetime of growing:


  • in apprehending the Persons and realities Scripture presents;
  • in appreciating, desiring, and reverencing God’s Word;
  • in understanding its truths;
  • in conviction and behaviour that builds on the foundations of biblical doctrine.




A. Our curriculum presents biblical truth in four major areas of study:


1. Biblical studies:


  • regard the Scriptures as the authoritative and reliable record of God’s truth;
  • trace God’s purpose and plan from beginning to end;
  • build familiarity with the Bible’s contents;
  • offer concentrated study of selected biblical books;
  • provide principles and tools for biblical study.



2. Theological studies:


  • establish the value of true doctrine in the church and in Christians’ lives;
  • teach fundamental Christian beliefs and doctrines;
  • equip believers with a framework of truth, enabling them to identify and reject error.



3. Historical studies:


  • recount how the Spirit of God has guarded His people in Christ’s truth and life through the centuries.



4. Christian life studies:


  • establish the necessity of belonging and walking in fellowship;
  • present biblical foundations and instruction for Christian life and service;
  • encourage Christians in worship and prayer;
  • define and instruct in faithful biblical preaching;
  • call Christ’s people to live for the gospel;
  • identify the realities and responses of faith;
  • urge believers to pursue the Spirit’s gifts and calling in their lives.




B. The context for studying God’s Word


1. Because the Holy Spirit is forming Christ’s character in our lives, exposure to God’s Word shines light in our hearts and on our ways.


2. Growth in Christ’s life and character cannot happen effectively outside of committed relationships within His body.


a. For this reason we ask those studying individually to discuss their intentions with their pastors, seeking their approval and blessing before beginning to study.


This recognizes and regards the spiritual responsibility and authority your pastor has been given in the lives of the members of the congregation entrusted to his care and leading.


b. We also ask individuals to seek support from other believers who are able and willing to provide feedback and direction as they reflect on the content of the lessons in each course.


(Our tutoring and mentoring courses offer brief biblical and doctrinal reviews and some suggestions for mentoring relationships.)


Christ is learned most readily and profoundly as His people interact, giving of themselves for others’ sake.


Jesus builds His church and places His members in His church as He will. Ministry and service is learned and sustained within the local church setting. This is the ideal place for practicing ministry and pursuing spiritual gifts, applying biblical patterns and guidelines.


Pastors recognize and encourage gifting and calling in their members’ lives and help them grow in hearing and responding to the Spirit’s leading.




Our Provisions for Studying and Teaching



Accessing our courses


There are no course fees, but we welcome donations.

There is no preliminary registration or enrollment process.


Logging in on our website provides immediate access to all our courses.


Selecting a course link will open the course syllabus, presenting instructions for proceeding through each lesson along with the links to each audio and text file.



Course characteristics


Our courses vary in length.

Our shortest course has only five lessons and the longest has twenty.


Each assignment (lesson) typically includes:


  • a lecture (presented in audio with text notes);
  • a study guide, asking questions based on the lecture.


Careful completion of a lesson will usually require a minimum of about three hours of studying.


There are no exams.

Research projects are limited to exercises in studying biblical texts.



Course textbooks


We have modified our assignments for use in any local context so that secondary sources (including reference books and Bible study tools), while helpful, are not necessary.


  • Students who wish to acquire suggested textbooks may purchase them directly from Amazon or Christian Book Distributors.
  • In courses using books that are available online, links are provided.




Using Our Courses


Group Study and Instruction: Pastors and those able to lead or facilitate group study may adapt our materials for use in Bible classes, sermons, home group meetings, new member classes, discipleship training, etc.


Casual Study: choosing and working through one course at a time.


We set no time limit for completing courses, but encourage setting goals and scheduling regular study times each week.


Maintaining continuity is important. If your studying is going to be interrupted for more than a few weeks, it is best to wait until you can give full attention to it again.


A suggested time frame for completing a ten-unit course would be two or three months.


Part-time Study: selecting a number of courses from the start and working through them sequentially, one or two at a time.


There is no time limit or prescribed list of courses for those choosing this option.


Full-time Study: working through the entire curriculum at a manageable and effective pace. There is no time limit. “Full-time” status is based on the intention to complete all the courses, not on the number of hours spent studying each week.


Those who complete all the courses in our curriculum may request a diploma.


Because our school is not accredited, courses completed at King’s Online Bible School are not usually counted as credits in other school’s program requirements.




Our Requests of Students



A. For those beginning individual studies:


1. We ask you to consult with your pastor about your intention to study, using our courses.


Your pastor carries a spiritual responsibility for you as a member of the congregation entrusted to his care. It is important that he be aware and that you receive his consent.


2. We ask that you would arrange (perhaps with your pastor’s help) to have someone in your local fellowship who will encourage and help you as you work through each course, discussing questions and thoughts you would like to pursue further.


Even more ideally, ask about forming a study group.




B. For all those using our courses:


1. Studying:


a. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you give your thoughtful attention to the material and to to receive all that He desires for you in each lesson.


b. Complete each assignment as carefully as possible.


c. Mark sections of the lecture and questions in the study guides that you want to clarify or to discuss further.


Answers to all the study guide questions are available online in the Helper's Courses or can be requested and received as email attachments.


d. Please post a blog or add a question or comment to which others can respond on the forum that is provided with each course on our website. Please check the entries frequently and join the discussion with any helpful contributions.



2. Reading:


Please read whatever portions of Scripture are being discussed in each course and each lesson.


We encourage each student to pursue a plan for daily Bible reading.


We ask those desiring a full-time diploma to read thoughtfully through the entire Bible.



3. Memorizing:


Some courses include memorization assignments.


We ask students desiring a full-time diploma:


  • to memorize the name of the books of the Bible;
  • to commit to memory:

The Ten Commandments

The Apostles’ Creed

The Nicene Creed


We highly commend an ongoing lifetime commitment to memorizing psalms and chapters of Scripture.



4. Growing:


This is the Holy Spirit’s purpose and constant work, confronting and conforming each believer’s life to bring forth Christ’s character.


We pray for each of our students:


  • to desire to grow in God;
  • to spend time in His presence daily;
  • to be willing to be vulnerable;
  • to be teachable.


We ask you to keep a journal, treasuring up what God is saying and doing in your life.


You will find suggestions for journaling in the Introductory Course.



5. Serving:


We desire that each of our students will:


  • seek and nurture a grateful, worshipping heart;
  • be moved by God’s Own longings;
  • grow in Christ’s love for His church and take on His regard for each of His members;
  • seek, practice, and function in spiritual gifts;
  • learn Jesus’ heart of compassion;
  • respond courageously to the Holy Spirit’s leading.






King's Online Bible School

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