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Curriculum Directory

Each course (other than the Introductory Course) is classified under one of the departments

of study listed below in the following order:


Department Prefix  :

Apologetics 000  :

Bible 000  :

OT Survey 000  :

NT Survey 000  :

Biblical Theology 000  :

Doctrine 000  :

History 000  :

Equipping 000  :

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Department Title

Truth's Arguments

Biblical Studies

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Scripture's Themes

Christian Doctrine

Historical Studies

Christian Life and Ministry

Divine Intentions

Introductory Course

This course has two different purposes: to provide essential preliminary information about King's Online Bible School and to offer tips and helps for basic study skills.


1. Presenting KOBS:


  • the priority of truth in our teaching, thinking, and conduct
  • the role of the local church in providing biblical study and training
  • our purposes and objectives
  • our strategies for learning
  • our provisions and options for study
  • our expectations of students


2. Previewing study techniques:


  • keeping a journal
  • taking notes






Apologetics 101A

Christian Knowledge and Belief 17 units

If we base our faith solely on reason and proof, our faith could be easily shaken when we hear of a new proof against God’s existence or hear of an objection to a theistic argument. The first part of this course will, therefore, examine how it is that we can have knowledge of God apart from evidence. This is the basic idea of “Reformed epistemology,” which we shall examine in detail. We will use philosophy, the “handmaid of theology,” to help us understand what the relationship is between faith and reason.





Biblical Studies


Bible 100

Bible Tour 16 units

After a brief review of Old Testament history, we examine how its contents reveal three of the most important truths about God: (1) His sovereign rule (2) by His Word (3) according to His faithful covenant mercy.


Then we explore the New Testament revelation of Jesus and His Kingdom, the men the Spirit used, and the occasion, purpose, and message of each of the twenty-seven books.


Bible 101

Introduction to the Bible 9 units

In this course we begin to explore the wonder and importance of God's revelation as it has come to us in the Bible. We review the processes God used to secure all His essential words to man in this remarkable book and provide an opportunity to see how the books of the Bible all work together in presenting one unified message.


Bible 102

The World's Early History (Genesis 1-11) 10 units

These invaluable historical records help us understand ourselves and bring perspective to many present day issues. Paying close attention to the meaning of the texts in Genesis 1-11, we trace God's ways as He rules in each of the major events and developments at the beginning of time.


Bible 103

Introduction to Psalms 11 units

Students tour the main features of this multi-faceted book of the Bible and acquire basic keys for unlocking its contents. They are alerted to the purposes, power, and beauty of the psalms and explore ways to make them essential expressions in their lives.


Bible 104

Interpreting Scripture 17 units

Students are introduced to guidelines and skills that will assist them in exploring the most important treasure ever placed in human hands - the recorded Word of God.


Bible 105A

Mark 1-10 12 units

Bible 105B

Mark 10-16 10 Units

These two companion courses draw out Mark’s special emphases and search for the fuller biblical implications of the words he chooses as he writes his gospel. Lectures are presented by David Perry, who has authored a commentary on the Gospel of Mark.


Bible 106

Romans 1-8 10 units

A systematic exposition of the doctrinal heart of Paul's letters and perhaps of the whole New Testament as Paul lays out his gospel, received from the Lord Jesus, concerning sin, justification, sanctification, the relationship of the Christian to the Law, and the work of the Holy Spirit.


Bible 107

Ephesians 10 units

A panoramic view of God's eternal purposes and their realization in His Beloved Son Who, by His life, death, resurrection, and exaltation, triumphs over the powers, unites His people in one new man, endows them with gifts and ministries, and summons them to life in Him in the fullness of His Spirit.


Bible 108

New Testament Church Leadership 9 units

We review the establishment of leadership in the early church and present the New Testament foundations, functions, and qualifications for elders, deacons, and the five-fold ministry, anchoring each firmly in the biblical text.


Bible 109

Church – The City of God on Earth  7 units

Seeing the Church as God anticipated it from creation and as His Spirit’s new creation in Christ Jesus - a people called out by God to be His possession for the manifestation of His nature and the representation of His government on the earth.


Bible 110

1 Timothy 1-3    8 Units

Paul’s strength as a leader and his concern for the church in Ephesus emerge alongside his love and regard for Timothy, his disciple, his fellow worker in the Gospel, and his son.  Faithful ministers, with lives surrendered to Christ’s grace and submitted to His ways, carry His authority to maintain truth and harmony in a congregation of believers.


Bible 111

1 Timothy 3-6 12 Units

In the second half of this letter God uses Paul's instructions to Timothy to set out vital basics for guarding believers in Christ’s faith and life.





Old Testament Survey



OT Survey 101

Creator, Covenant Maker (Genesis) 12 units

We meet the men and women whose lives were among the earliest to be transformed as they responded to the Creator’s voice. In these comparatively few lives the Lord quietly revealed Himself and patiently prepared enduring foundations for extending His saving work to all the families of the earth.


Though the events that Genesis reports take place so much earlier than the four books that follow, Genesis belongs with them. It is the first of the five books of the Law (the Pentateuch), recorded by Moses. The law, received by Moses as leader of God’s nation Israel, finds its context in the Lord’s words and works in the universe and in the lives of His servants centuries and millennia earlier.


OT Survey 102

Love's Triumph (Job) 8 units

A dramatic encounter between the Lord and Satan brings horrendous losses and suffering for Job, the Lord’s servant. The extended and agonizing ordeal results in a tremendous victory for the Lord in the heavens and in His servant’s heart.


OT Survey 103

Israel’s Redeemer and God (Exodus and Leviticus) 12 units

As Moses delivers the Lord’s requirements, Yahweh acts with terrifying demonstrations of His power to judge His people’s oppressors and to set the children of Israel free from slavery. In these two books of Moses we measure the zeal with which the Lord redeems His people and the jealousy with which He requires their obedience.


OT Survey 104

Covenant Mercies (Numbers and Deuteronomy) 8 units

No generation ever witnessed what the men who left Egypt saw God do for them there and in the desert. But discontent and cautious consensus deprived them of the promised goal for which they longed. Still the Lord will not break His covenant with Abraham, and the next generation (also given to ingratitude) receives all the benefits His covenant love and faithfulness wait to give.


OT Survey 107C

God’s Good Gift (The Song of Solomon) 7 units

With what will God endow, bless, and entrust a man and woman who seek their own selfish interests? Love for one another awakens in them with all its opportunities for honor, care, belonging, pleasure, sacrifice, and pain. In The Song of Solomon we learn that the Creator trusts Himself and His purposes in imparting this gift to Adam’s sons and daughters.


OT Survey 110

Jonah and the Great City 12 units

Jonah records his resistance to God’s love so that we will be convicted of the presumption in our own hearts. The Lord’s dealings with His reluctant prophet anticipate the path His Son will choose willingly – and this will be His sign.


OT Survey 113

Mercy’s Reign (Micah; Nahum) 7 units

Nineveh’s resumed wickedness exhausts the mercy that once postponed its judgment. The Lord spares Judah one last time, but judgment waits, as does the arrival of the righteous Ruler Who will be our peace.






New Testament Survey



NT Survey 101

The Good News (The Synoptics: Matthew, Mark, and Luke) 21 units

An insightful presentation of three of the most important documents in world history, identifying the purposes that motivated the work of each evangelist and highlighting the special features which distinguish each of these accounts of Jesus’ life.






Biblical Theology



Biblical Theology 101A

The Big Picture Bible (Old Testament) 20 units


What God plans, what He does, and what He says form the intricate masterpiece of the universe’s existence, encapsulated and stored up for us in the Bible. This course, The Big Picture Bible directs attention to the wonders and oneness of His will, power, and grace as we trace His purposes and works from the beginning to the fullness of time when He reveals Himself to the world in His Son.


Biblical Theology 101B

The Big Picture Bible (New Testament) 6 Units

Late in the story the main character appears, His coming so long anticipated, but now largely hidden, obscured in His plainness.  His words ring true; His acts restore; His claim is bold – the Creator? the Judge? the Lord? the Son? the Messiah? the Savior?  I Am? the Crucified? Who will believe our report? The gospel becomes the story’s theme, the world’s issue, and the church’s calling. Now we are on the stage, always deciding. What will you do with Jesus?






Christian Doctrine



Doctrine 101

Learning about God 9 units

Students will reflect on the wonder and excellencies of God's Own nature as He has revealed Himself to His people and in the Scriptures. Here is an opportunity to reinforce your own clear grasp of basic truths that define the Christian faith.


Doctrine 102

What is Man? 5 units

The Bible explains what God created man to be and what man has made himself to be. Created in God's own image to exist forever, man tried to have himself for himself and became the creature that is wrong, his nature conformed to that of Satan and his demons. This course examines each of the factors that define man and their summary effect.


Doctrine 103

Our Lord Jesus Christ 8 units

We intend and pray that these reminders of who Jesus is and what He has done will be a cause for new wonder and reflection in your life. Our discussion will include: the uniqueness of His person, His glory from the beginning as the Son, the miracle of His incarnation, the incomparable achievement of His obedience as a man, the horror of the sufferings He endured for us, His dying and its transforming effects, His victory over sin and death, His vindicating resurrection, His ascension and entrance into heaven as the Lord, God and man, mighty in battle, His mediatorial reign and promised return, and His exaltation by the Father, Who has ordained from all eternity that His Son should come to have first place in everything.


Doctrine 104

Salvation 8 units

Christ has purchased man's salvation. In this course we examine how Christ's death and resurrection opens the way to God and how the Holy Spirit works His salvation in the lives of believers. We will discuss eight aspects of salvation: atonement, regeneration, God's sovereignty, faith, repentance, justification, perseverance, and assurance.


Doctrine 105

God's Works and Decrees 6 units

Realizing God’s constant action on behalf of His creation, preserving, enabling, and guiding each creature according to the prior decision of His eternal will.  Examining His faithfulness to man as Covenant-Maker and Covenant-Keeper.


Doctrine 106

The Holy Spirit 8 units

An opportunity to consider the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life, to realize the authority, power, and effect with which He moves in men’s lives, and to respond to Him.


Doctrine 107

Spirituality 7 units

The Bible establishes various means through which the Holy Spirit works in believer’s lives.  In this course we study the biblical basis for prayer, the doctrine of the church, the process of sanctification, the importance of baptism, and the Lord’s Supper.


Doctrine 108

Eschatology 6 units

This study of Scripture’s teaching about “the last things” focuses on Christ’s return, the millennium, eternal judgment, and the wonder that God will make all things new.


Doctrine 109

The Kingdom of God 19 units

The beginning of Jesus' earthly ministry marked the beginning of His kingdom coming in the world. This was demonstrated in His authority over sickness and demonic oppression. The increase of His kingdom has continued ever since. As a result of these studies we pray that each student would gain a compelling desire for Jesus' return to reign, a sharper awareness of the kingdom of heaven in this present world, and a new personal commitment to live and to die for its cause.


Doctrine 110

Salvation in Christ Alone 9 Units

This course addresses the growing pressure and readiness to accept the possibility that there is salvation apart from the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Examining pertinent biblical texts, it challenges the presuppositions and arguments of the proponents of the various positions that arrive at this conclusion.  It identifies the underlying premise and exposes its inadequacy as the wrong ultimate priority.








History 101

The History of the Church 15 units

We live in the certainty that all earthly kingdoms and governments will be destroyed, and that, finally, only Jesus' church will remain. This review of the key figures, events, and developments in the church's history is a thrilling testimony to God's faithfulness. He has preserved His people in the face of every attack. He has secured the faithful in truth, restoring His church from every false way. He has repeatedly revived and renewed it, pouring out His Spirit on His people, and He has graciously called and enabled His people to be bringing His kingdom throughout the world.





Christian Life and Ministry



Equipping 101

Worship 12 units

Our study of Scripture will emphasize the priority of worship in every believer's life, examine the nature of worship, considers its prerequisites, and identify the ways and expressions by which God's people glorify Him.


This course intends to reinforce the importance and practice of worship in your own life, to help you discover how you can enter more freely and fully into corporate worship, and to urge you on in presenting your body as a living sacrifice to Him.


Equipping 102

Prayer 10 units

The Scriptures present us with commands to pray, models for praying, and testimonies of prayer's power. But most fundamental and most arresting is the realization of the importance God gives to prayer - the assurances that He hears and answers every cry, the Son's and the Spirit's unceasing intercession, and the varieties of ways the Father has designed for us to pour out our hearts before Him.


Course participants will be asked to commit themselves to personal, family, and corporate prayer. We seek to reinforce the desire to pray and, beyond that, to establish a realization of what praying can be - a realization that sets each student on a life-long quest to enter further into the labors of prayer and to discover the secrets of intimate communion with our Heavenly Father. Prayer's highest goal and greatest opportunity is to know Him.


Equipping 102A

Intercession & Prevailing Prayer 7 units

Prayer is a privilege — a right and a gift that belongs to God’s children. To those who cherish this gift He entrusts more praying and calls them to lives of prayer. This study of intercession and prevailing prayer will help you measure the essential place God has given prayer in the work of His church and the advance of His kingdom. May it also help you respond to the Father and to grow in the life of prayer to which He is calling you.


God is the Rewarder of those who seek Him. He draws them into His presence and He Himself becomes their great Reward. He desires and commands this love for Him in your life.


Equipping 103A

Speaking God's Word 8 units

This course presses on from the task of interpreting a text of Scripture (hermeneutics) and teaches the skills of preparing and delivering a teaching (homiletics) based on what that text has always intended to say. It is not only for those who may have a preaching or teaching gift, but for those who share from the Bible in any setting and for those who listen to others teach. Students will be alerted to the priority Scripture places on preaching and teaching and will be trained in preparing, delivering, and evaluating messages from God's Word.


Equipping 103B

The People of the Word 4 units

Whenever we hear or speak God’s Word, we are encountering and participating in certain dynamics: the Word’s authority, its living power, the Spirit’s anointing, and His work in each individual life.


This course is an adaptation from the course on Speaking God’s Word. As God’s people, alert to God’s purposes and intentions for biblical proclamation, witness, and teaching, we pray expectantly, listen and speak faithfully, and watch attentively to recognize and conform to the Spirit’s way and timing in the life of each hearer.


Equipping 104

Faith’s Responses 15 Units

This course is a study of Francis Schaeffer’s True Spirituality.

This may well be one of the most important courses in our curriculum because it addresses the emptiness and disappointment so many Christians experience in their lives. The Holy Spirit guided Schaeffer’s own prayerful search for reality, yielding this keen analysis and fueling the unrelenting passion with which this book confronts our faithlessness. Christ waits eagerly with His life for His people to live.


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