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Omnipotence (2) Infinite Character

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Omnipotence (2) Infinite Character
by David Denninger - Saturday, 23 March 2024, 3:16 AM

No exercise of God’s infinite power will ever violate any of His intentions or His nature. This is why it is right and necessary to understand that there are some things God cannot do.

a. God cannot violate His will

There is no inconsistency or conflict in God’s being. He is perfectly one within Himself. He cannot do what is not His will because all His acts and words are pure and exact expressions of His heart and His determinations. If ever they were not, He could no longer be at peace and whole within Himself.

“Ascribe greatness to our God!
The Rock! His work is perfect,
For all His ways are just;
A God of faithfulness and without injustice,
Righteous and upright is He” (Deut 32:3-4).

Because He is faithful, He cannot do imperfect work.

“…All His work is done in faithfulness” (Ps 33:4).

Because He is absolutely faithful, we can be certain that God cannot leave undone anything that His absolute goodness, guided by His absolute wisdom, knows to do (cf. Jms 4:17).

Because He is righteous, He cannot do anything that is in any way unjust.

“He Himself tempts no one” (Jms 1:13).

“It is impossible for God to lie” (Heb 6:18).

“God is not a man, that He should lie,
Nor a son of man, that He should repent;
Has He said, and will He not do it?
Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” (Num 23:19)

“For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes” (2 Cor 1:20).

b. God cannot violate His own character.

“He cannot deny Himself” (2 Tim 2:13).

He cannot act against His nature.

“God cannot be tempted with evil” (Jms 1:13).

God’s will has no need to resist evil. No wrong consideration can enter it. 

Sin is impossible for Him because one cannot sin without willing to sin. God cannot commit sin because He never wills it. 

This is why God’s omnipotence is more precisely defined by saying that God is able to do all His holy will.

Job expressed the heart of this matter when he said: “I know that You can do everything and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You” (Job 42:2). 

                                                  (Spotlight 2, Lesson 5 in Doctrine 101: Learning about God)