This course will help you establish and reinforce foundations of truth that define the Christian faith and that inform your living. It will arm you with essential understanding for rejecting wrong thinking and false teaching.

An introduction to biblical teaching on man and his captivity to Satan and sin.

This course reviews the New Testament's witness about Jesus, the uniqueness of His person, His glory from all eternity as the Son and His exaltation as God and Man over all. 

Examining how Christ's death and resurrection opens the way to God and how the Holy Spirit works His salvation in the lives of believers.

Realizing God's constant action on behalf of His creation, preserving, enabling, and guiding each creature according to the prior decision of His eternal will.  Examining His faithfulness to man as Covenant-Maker and Covenant-Keeper.

An opportunity to consider the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life, to realize the authority, power, and effect with which He moves in men's lives, and to respond to Him.

The Bible establishes various means through which the Holy Spirit works in believers' lives. In this course we study the biblical basis for prayer, the doctrine of the church, the process of sanctification, the importance of baptism, and the Lord's Supper.

This study of Scripture's teaching about "the last things" focuses on Christ's return, the millennium, eternal judgment, and the wonders awaiting us when God makes all things new.

This series of nineteen lectures considers God's rule and our role in seeing His will done in every area and aspect of life in this present age.

This course addresses the growing pressure and readiness to accept the possibility that there is salvation apart from the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.