This is a course written by David Freeman, a teacher in Oxford, England.

The lectures in this course are written for both students and teachers. They are distinguished by (S) or (T) after each title.

This course is the second of a series. It includes eschatological views that are not endorsed by KOBS.

This two-part course provides teaching guides and student materials, designed to encourage and instruct our youth to lay hold of God’s wisdom. It examines the choices of individuals whose lives provide biblical examples for us and familiarizes students with the wisdom teaching of Scripture.

God’s Eternal love finds its most intimate expression in a family relationship. The Heavenly Father chooses a human family and, in that context, sends His Own Son to be a man. In Jesus’ atoning death and resurrection life, the Father gives men and women second birth as His Own sons and daughters, who will live and rule with Him forever.

Christ’s kingdom is always triumphing over Satan’s counterfeit. This course calls Christians to stand in His victory, aware of Satan’s kingdom, alert to his strategies, and acting as Christ’s force in the world to break through his lies in human lives and to rescue those he holds in bondage.