Here we meet the men and women to whom the Lord revealed Himself as He prepared enduring foundations for extending His saving work to all the families of the earth.

A dramatic encounter between the Lord and Satan brings horrendous losses and suffering for Job, the Lord’s servant.  The extended and agonizing ordeal results in a tremendous victory for the Lord in the heavens and in His servant’s heart.

In these two books of Moses we measure the zeal with which the Lord redeems His people and the jealousy with which He requires their obedience.

The Lord will not break His covenant with Abraham, and after the generation that left Egypt dies in the wilderness, the next generation receives all the benefits God's covenant love and faithfulness wait to give.

Love between a man and a woman is God’s precious and costly gift, founded on His delight to bless and His desire to bring selfish hearts face to face with sacrifice.

God’s dealings with the one who resists His love anticipates the path His Son will choose when He comes into the world.

Judgment for Nineveh and temporary respite for Judah; looking ahead to a righteous Ruler.